Backplate&Support Pad

This magnetic system makes changing from one grit to the next extremely easy, the magnetic base platen stays in place, while the support plates are quickly and easily changed during the grinding/polishing sequence. It can use with Iron or steel support plate except the Aluminium support lap(Plate).Important! (1) If aluminum or other Non-Ferris Backing Plate the adhesive sticker will permanently adhere to your Plate. (2) If metal or iron master lap the non adhesive style is may be used.. The magnet will do its job holding firmly in place.The Plastic,Magnetic,Metal and Aluminum master lap for Diamond coated Flat Lap Disk Grinding Polishing wheel, it is only a machine accessories.We recommend using the Aluminum and Plastic master lap with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with Diamond Flat Lap,The Metal Master Lap used with magentic backing Diamond coated Flat Lap Disk.All our diamond flat laps wheels have a 1/2" arbor hole and are intended to be mechanically clamped to a Master Lap.

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