Diamond Bead Reamer

A bead reamer is a tool used primarily for enlarging the drilled holes in beads when they are too small to accommodate the chosen stringing materials or when the holes are inconsistent. In its simplest form, it looks similar to an awl with a filing surface along the tip. Using a bead reamer to enlarge holes or make holes consistent allows all of the beads from a strand to be used in a project. Where the edges of holes are rough, a bead reamer may be used to smooth them so there is less risk the bead might cut the stringing material. Both manual and electric bead reamers are available. Typically, a reamer is purchased with more than one interchangeable bit to allow for use in expanding the holes of more than one size or type of bead. Alternatively, manual reamers may be purchased in sets of several reamers with different bits. Those who already own a grinding tool may purchase a set of bead reamers designed to fit that tool. From these many options, the jewellery artist is sure to find a bead reamer that fits comfortably with his or her own work style.

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